Epic Donald Trump facts - Unisex t-shirt

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Epic Donald Trump facts - Unisex t-shirt



Frequently Asked Questions:

- What t-shirt styles do you sell?
We exclusively sell extra high quality tees that help your body look fit and your arms more tone. In other words, we use high quality shirts that will fit you and make you look great, we don't use cheap square shirts like most of our competitors.

- What fabrics do you use for your tees?
Since we use different shirts for different gender and design, you will find a chart on every shirt that provides detailed information about the fabric, care, measures... We use high quality cotton or polyester so our shirts feel extra comfortable and they are perfect for the screen printing process that we use.

- What printing methods do you use?
We use professional screen printing techniques. This printing style bleeds the ink into the fabric of the tees, which allows the fabric to breath normally. As a result, our tees are light, cool, and comfortable. And the printing will never fade after washing the shirts.